Gruven Ebkyl

Dwarven Cleric of Torm


Gender: Male
Age: 136
Height: 4’5"
Weight: 171 lbs
Hair: Brown, w/ bit of grey
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Caucasian


Born the son of a forge master in the dwarven city of Khaz Dolatar, in the highland regions of Dariel’s Eastern boarder with the lands beyond, Gruven was brought up as a weapon smith. He learned his craft well, and spent a decent portion of his life comfortable and content in his weapon making.

This dedication to his craft, however, had the downside of pushing other aspects of his life to the back burner. Things, like his prayers to Torm were pushed to the back burner. He also payed no mind to where his creations were going, or in whose hands they wound up in.

It wasn’t until he was on an errand to another mine several days journey away that he knew where his weapons had gone. He came across a village in the aftermath of a massacre. The attackers slain there in the defense of that village all bore weapons that carried his forge’s mark. Several of them carried his own mark as well. He realized then that his father, Brandur Obsidianedge, had been selling his weapons to evil men, followers of Bane, all in the name of greed.

When he returned to his town, Gruven reported to the Council what he had learned, and Brandur Obsidianedge was executed for his crimes. Distraught at seeing his weapons used for evil, he left the forge to dedicate the rest of his life to destroying evil and depriving those who would do evil from their tools of destruction.

To this end, he became devout in his following of Torm, and became a cleric of their order, learning the healing arts, and learning to mend some of the destruction that his weapons had wrought.

He cast aside his given name of Obsidianedge, instead, adopting the name of Ebkyl, in honor of Gimdrus Ebkyl the old master smith who taught him all he knew, and acted more like a father to him, anyway.

At some point before joining the current party, however, he began using the name Obsidianedge again, after taking a rather nasty blow to the head in a battle with some Orcs.

Who knows what will happen when he gets hit in the head again?…

Gruven Ebkyl

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