Standing 7’1" Oleg is a sinuous 240 pound copper dragonborn with green patterns between his head ridges


Oleg comes from far away. in the stormy inner sea lies a secluded island known by it’s inhabitants as the emerald isle a culture of druids have lived hidden from the world since the time of the ascension war that wrecked the landscape. Refugees from those tumultuous times gathered together and formed a city of sorts living in total harmony with their forested island home.

Oleg himself was born under a omen of of great change. This was not seen as a fortuitous thing and his family eagerly turned over to the emerald council.
The Grand Geomancer Svetlana took it upon herself to rear this child bringing him up to venerate nature and follow the omens. And though Oleg showed prodigious aptitude to the natural craft it seemed he had greater aptitude at causing trouble through either ill luck or dubious judgment.

It was the very day off his coming of age ceremony that he accepted a date from another youth to balance as an elephant on the menhir of the circles hege. This may have made a chain reaction that collapsed half the stone circle.

This caused a massive outcry among the people for while no one was hurt by these shenanigans the omens of a broken circle could not be ignored. Svetlana was heartbroken that the boy she raised would be imprisoned or possibly even killed. But as they hauled young Oleg before the moot Svetlana had a powerful vision. “The forces of nature will face a terrible imbalance Where the red falcon battles the black eagle the circle breaker will join the chain that will bind the darkness and restore our world” the power of her voice shook the very ground and silenced all voices at the moot.

The meaning could not be mistaken and so the moot unanimously agreed Oleg must leave their island and follow the omens


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